Sunday, 7 September 2014

Scotland the thick...

I have resisted, so far, writing or speaking about Scottish separatism.
I wanted to see the general reaction.  So far it seems to be polite disbelief that such idiocy and so many ingrates could exist.
What am I on about? Well...Some may have heard this idea promoted in it's perfumed, prettied up, transvestite form of 'nationalism' or 'independence'. This is just a pretentious spin employed by the naive, pronoid, globalist types. These people mean to remove Scotland, or some large portion of the land and people, from the United Kingdom. Dumb, you say? RETARDED, you say?
We'll sure.

Yeah, you guessed it;. I think it's the most incredibly slimy, Hegelian, manipulative, and completely superficial moves in recent British history. Right up there with some of the police state stuff and along the lines of the immigration and border fiasco in the USA. A deliberate, designed crises. Built from the bottom up to exploit the idiots it sucks in.
Why am I opposed to the Scots cleaving their own path?
Here's why: Scotland IS independent. Scotland is a KINGDOM (that is a type of nation) in a UNION of KINGDOMS and PRINCIPALITIES. The single most powerful and influential such union in all of history, the UK of GB & NI. It has it's own houses of government, It's own tax codes. It's own immigration quotas. The only invasive power in Scotland is from BRUSSELS, the EU - which the Separatists want MORE OF!!!
What does this mean? That the entire platform of Scottish Separatism amounts to 'we're bored and need a change up, and there was this movie with this big fellow who said 'freedom' in it, and he made the Anglish look bad'.
The so called 'benefits' of becoming the Greenland or Nunavut of the UK, and the new doormat of the EU are non existent. I have seen NONE presented that have any actual substance, and cannot / are not connected to the current system in place.  In other words, the benefits simply do not exist or would cease to upon secession of ties.
Such benefits where attainable,  would take a long, hard, and very tough times to achieve or rebuild without the Union. Is this 'in the cards' for the 'bored', spoiled residents of e're so soft Caledonia? I think not.
Further, the defence issue is also central. Do these deluded hipsters with blue paint on imagine a world where they claim some portion of British might? What about their place in the commonwealth and the markets thereof? The EU?
No. Only a totally pronoid, post modern, Utopian MORON could think this a good move for the Scots in specific, the British in general, or the west as a whole.
The only groups this benefits are those that feel nation states must be abolished and replaced with some form of bloc rule. That these blocs should then be merged, like corporations.
Divide and rule is the method of these 'globalist' types, and this is why many of the less patient and intelligent globalists back 'sovereignty' movement like the Scots, Quebecois, Secessionists in the USA, Spain, France, etc.

That angst and a few poorly made Hollywood anti-British pieces have managed to resurrect this old hag of a booze, treason and bad history boggles the mind. But that's today's comic book educated, whacked out, drugged up, video game addicted, raised by the television and controlled by internet access population. They who die without wifi.
What's their plan? They'll take a democracy pill, smoke some more love, watch some, and find the spirituality channel on the box, and the world will be fixed....or so they dream Just read the glowing optimism of these kids in the Scottish press.
Yeah, I said it didn't I? KIDS.
Look at the demographics here. KIDS.
So much so that these separatists want SIXTEEN YEAR OLD minors to vote in the referendum. No doubt they will, legally or not.
So there you have it. The exact same brand of idiots that voted for Obama in the US (TWICE) are the same idiots that will vote for Scottish separation; YOUNG, gullible, idiots.
Then there are the old fools who trust youth, who have 'faith' in youth...please. These people are  the frogs who offer rides to scorpions (look up the folk tale if you do not understand the ref).
In all, I hope and pray that Scotland has enough sense left to navigate this trap.
If she does not - if they do not,  then the divorce must be complete.
They must be called for what they are: Scotland the THICK.
Perhaps those of us left in the commonwealth could hold a ceremony once a year to commemorate the Kingdom that once was.

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