Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Greer and Sirius.

I have to admit, I am very suspicious of anyone like Greer.
Multiple reasons.
His back ground.
His need to profit from the information he claims to want to freely disseminate.
The new age / ancient aliens dogma. 
The faith based LEAP to the concept that 'alien' means 'extra terrestrial', that unexplained or unknown equates to visitations by beings 'evolved on other worlds' is not only unscientific, but also fails to recognize the far more baroque and truly interesting aspects of our experienced reality.

All that said, Dr Greer's new film 'Sirius' is making the rounds on the video sites all around the web, and can now been seen for no charge on a couple of major sites.
I will grudgingly admit that this availability speaks to Dr Greer's integrity.
If he and his producers began demanding these videos be removed and that the only source of viewing the the film became a $10 HD on Demand rental (obviously too expensive and too high bandwidth for more than 70% of the human population), the doctor's credibility would be destroyed.
He must have known the video would be ripped and posted.
He chose for it to happen this way.
So, we can at least assume he believes.
I may not buy his ideas, but he does. That makes 'Sirius' worth watching. It is an insight into a new faith. A new interpretation of the signs and wonders of the ages.
A materialist, science fiction based, simplistic rendering of reality that still manages to purvey a sense of wonder - especially to young and curious minds.
I don't agree with the conclusions at all. Not even close.  
I would also argue it encourages dangerous experimentation with altered mental states and promotes pseudo scientific occultism. That makes it a fascinating study (of the movement), if somewhat risky and Jim Jones like in it's approach.

And with that introduction, below is the link to Sirius on vimeo for as long as they, and Dr Greer see fit to allow it to be shown.
If you enjoy this educational viewing and would like to share it with others for whatever reason, please purchase the feed or DVD. 

Sirius Movie (Full Documentary) from Mel on Vimeo.

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