About the Authors

CrusadeRex:  An academic (historian, philosopher) turned soldier.
A lover of the arts, C.Rex brings a unique pragmatic and sometimes rather cynical outlook to the North Signal. Using his abilities as a 'professional internet @$$hole, he blends humour, sarcasm, and raw wit to make for an enjoyable (sometimes nauseatingly so!) read.
Educated, worldly, and confrontational are his styles, just about anything interesting is his subject.

Aken Yedla: Aken  is a highly educated systems analyst and professional who speaks 5 languages fluently. He is a well traveled intellect who has excelled in the fields of art and sciences. Aken also has a very broad background in theology and religious studies, with special attention to eastern mysticism and philosophies.  Aken brings an awesome arsenal of DEEP thought to 'the Signal'.

ALL of our authors remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

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